Whaley's | Navy Yard/Capitol Riverfront

Whaley's, a seafood-centric small restaurant in Navy Yard/Capitol Riverfront has been on my bookmark list for awhile. 

After a quick debate between inside seating vs. their rose garden the intense outdoor heat brought us inside. The space is small but looking above at the incredibly high ceilings gave the 44-seated dining space a much open and loft feel. Whaley's does a phenomenal job design wise: the under the sea pastel mural, chic white bar stools, open bar space, and accented plated china. We were quickly sat, brought complimentary sparkling & flat water service, and time to decide from their weekend brunch menus.

✔️ Apricot Citrus Fresca

Passed on the alcohol, but was pleasantly surprised with the taste of my drink! So light and refreshing; I had to hold myself back from drinking it all so quickly aha!  

 ✔️ Raw Oysters | Whale Back, Damariscotta River, ME

Missing the traditional cocktail sauce and replaced with a sour-like vinaigrette these baby's hit the mark. 

* Side Note: the restaurant works exclusively with purveyors to trace the origins of their seafood and donates all used oyster shells to the Oyster Recovery Partnership

✔️ Oyster Po Boy  | Chesapeake Bay, VA

Unexpected northern twist with cucumber kimchi & pickled red onion!

✔️ Hush Puppies w/ Sorghum Butter

Cannot go wrong here! 

Despite feeling a bit forgotten in service (as the evening grew busy), I was overall impressed with the design aesthetics, food, and food philosophy at Whaley's. Save us a seat for two at the Rose Garden next time! 




Library of Congress

Staycation; a term used to describe a vacation spent involving day trips to local attractions. Living minutes away from Washington, DC - Josh and I typically would stray away from visiting the city. But why? The simple headache & undoubtable frustration of finding parking inside the city is enough to stir us away. 

Nevertheless, this year Josh and I promised to get out of the house more often.

The Library of Congress is a true gem in the heart of Washington, DC. Minutes away from the US Capitol Building, The Library of Congress is divided into three building - the one you will want to visit is the Thomas Jefferson Building open from 8:30AM to 4:30PM Monday - Saturday. Free entry.